Best Time to Go to Disney World 2021

Many can agree that 2020 was not the best, but let's go into 2021 like 2020 hasn't won. Before deciding on when to visit Disney World in 2021, it is essential to reflect on the changes that Disney World experienced in 2020 to determine what you would like your visit to be.

There is so much that Disney should be proud of from 2020. When faced with a pandemic, Disney learned and accepted guests' feedback and pivoted to ensure that their guests were kept safe and satisfied. By no means, if the Disney experience anywhere as magical as it used to be. Disney has done a remarkable job of ensuring that the magic is not sanitized away with all things considered.

My favorite memory of Disney World in 2020 was the last day that Disney World was open before lockdown. It was clear that day that everyone visiting wanted to get their fix before the parks closed indefinitely. It also highlighted how Disney's crowd management tactics would not be effective once the parks reopened. My next favorite memory was of Magic Kingdom, the day that Disney World officially reopened. Walking down Main Street USA lined with cast members applauding your return. Welp, there were tears.

The things that Disney can approve upon in 2021 are experienced-based. Until recently, I did not realize that I never noticed bugs at Disney World. Disney has taken a cost-cutting measure with their pest control protocols. On a cold day in November, I saw many swarming gnats. Gnat swarms are typical in Central Florida but not at Disney. I ate less food due to the bothersome bugs flying around. How much did that cost-cutting measure cost Disney?

Disney can improve their parks in 2021 by revisiting the cost-cutting measures they have put in place and conducting an opportunity cost analysis against that measure. Sometimes that cost is not worth the price.

Throughout the holiday season, I considered if I would continue to visit Disney World in 2021. I have decided to continue visiting the parks with my protection measures in place. Here are my three goals for my Disney visits in 2021.

-Visit Magic Kingdom on the day of Disney World's 50th anniversary

-Ride Remy's Ratatouille Adventure opening day

-See Harmonious opening week

You have probably decided that you will visit Disney World in 2021, and the best time to visit is right now, that is, if you do not mind the limitations imposed by Disney due to the pandemic. Even though the crowds are heavier than they were at the reopening, they are still far less than the past's undulating masses. If you are looking for the full Disney World experience, you'll have to wait until the mass roll-out of vaccines has been executed and their efficacy is proven. Only then will Disney revert to their traditional magical experiences.