Disney Gift Guide 2020 - First Disney Parks Visit Backpack

This Disney gift guide 2020: First Disney Parks Visit will help you surprise someone with EVERYTHING they need but probably didn't think of bringing to their very first Disney theme park visit.

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The sun in Florida is uniquely harsh. Even if you packed sunscreen, you would find that applying more while at the parks is essential to protect your skin.

Blister Prevention

You can walk up to 10,000 steps one morning in the parks. If you are not used to heavy walking or if your shoes are not broken in, use a balm or a patch to prevent blistering your first day. The first day will determine if you will be able to enjoy the rest of your trip. If you develop blisters the first day of your visit, your trip will be less than magical.

Personal Fan

Florida gets hot. Wet hot. Stupid hot! It's unavoidable that you will experience a heat that is stifling. With a personal fan, you relieve some of the discomforts of the Florida heat.

Hand Sanitizer

Yes, Disney provides hand sanitizer throughout the parks, but your experience is not in a vacuum. Please have a little sanitizer available for those unexpected moments when as Murphy's Law would have it, there isn't a sanitizer station available.

Wet Wipes

Disney has great snacks and treats. Sometimes they do get a little messy. So much so in fact, that a run of the mill napkin will have met its match. Pack wet wipes so that you can clean up without a visit to the restroom.


Tissues can serve as your ubiquitous cootie catcher. They are great for sneezes, coughs, touching surfaces that you don't want to touch. When separating them, you can diffuse a harsh camera flash. Tissues are the Jack-of-all-trades of these items in your backpack. You don't know when you will use them or how you will use them, but you will definitely be grateful that they are there.

Lip Balm

Face mask lips are real. At Disney, face masks are mandatory and a great lip balm to soothe the irritation that comes with wearing face masks is compulsory.

Hand lotion

Between washing your hands and applying hand sanitizer, hand lotion is a must to keep your skin from drying and cracking.


During your Disney visit, you will likely be lured by the smells of the not-so-good-for-you treats that are abundant throughout the parks. To stave off the effects of eating all those outstanding to enjoy foods, pack some items that will help you to feel better faster.

Leak-proof water bottle

Disney offers free water. It is easy to consume sugary beverages throughout the day and forget to hydrate with water. Carry this bottle so that you can stay on track and stay hydrated. This bottle will help you to avoid feeling ill from dehydration.


A lightweight backpack will store all of the items that you need for your day at the park. It will also keep you from being extra warm since it is lightweight. I use this backpack with I visit the parks.