Disney Worlds Health Lies in the Hands of Its Guests

Disney World was the last of the Orlando Florida theme parks to reopen. In the weeks leading up to the parks reopening, COVID-19 cases began rising in Florida. During the week of Disney Worlds phased reopening of its four theme parks, Florida's cases reached a record high. Disney has implemented health safety measures to protect its cast members and guests against the spread of infection. Are these considerations enough to protect you and your family when you visit? Yes, but these protocols rely heavily on guests' cooperation and participation.

If you have plans to visit Walt Disney World while these protocols are in place, there are small accommodations that you will have to make during your visit. Disney World guests should respect Disney health measures so that those concerned about exposure may visit as well, thus ensuring that Disney World does not have to close despite the increasing rates of COVID in Central Florida.

Personal Space

Before the park's closing, guests were begging for personal space. Surprisingly, now that the parks have reopened and capacity is limited, some guests choose to clump together. Be it during a character cavalcade, or while queuing for an attraction, many guests are opting to be closer to one another.

Now that Disney World is not packed to the hilt with guests, it is easy to notice the culprits who do not mind their physical distance. As physically distancing is an imperative element in Disney's plan, take care to stay outside of six feet distance of anyone not in your immediate traveling party.

When walking about, please ensure that you are aware of the people around you. This awareness will help you maintain six feet of physical distance from those not in your traveling party.

Disney has made it easy for you as they have placed social distancing markers throughout any area that guests will queue. In those scenarios where there are no social distancing markers, rely on social etiquette, and allow the other party to pass, you may move on once you have enough distance.

Wear Your Mask

Florida is hot, masks are uncomfortable, and Disney requires each guest to wear a mask during their visit. While at Disney World, you are required to wear your mask whenever you are not eating or drinking. Disney recently closed a loophole and has prohibited guests from walking about while eating and drinking. When you take a sip of your soda, you will have to step aside and enjoy your beverage. Once you are done, you will put your mask back in place and continue to your destination.

Hand Sanitize

Disney has taken efforts to provide sanitizer in many conspicuous locations. When you see a sanitizer, take advantage and clean your hands. When you enter and exit attractions, be sure to kill any virus that you may be carrying on your hands by sanitizing.

In addition to sanitizing your hands, Disney is amply equipped with clean restrooms. Take the opportunity to wash your hands. Disney also has handwashing stations set up throughout each of its parks.

Disney World has been open for more than a week. Guests were able to see Disney learn from their mistakes in real-time. Disney has learned a lot in the time it has been open and has implemented the necessary changes to ensure the safety and security of its guests and cast members. Even so, Disney is as safe as it's least safe visitor. With that, we are all responsible for our behavior while in their parks. If you are genuinely a fan of Disney and what it offers, you will cooperate with these measures that it has put in place.