How to Wear a Your Mask in Hot Weather During Your Visit to Disney World

Right now, it is super attractive to visit Disney World because their health safety protocols have restricted park capacity. During your visit, you will be met with super short wait times at attractions that would have had you queuing for 2 hours or more before the shutdown.

You are required to wear a mask during your visit at any time that you are not eating or drinking or if you are not in a relaxation station. So, here are some tips for wearing masks during your visit to Walt Disney World.

What mask should you wear?

While you may want to have fun with a fashionable cloth mask, a disposable surgical mask is recommended. Disposable masks are lightweight, and they're breathable, so in the heat, you won't feel as stifled as with a cloth mask.

How can you wear your mask comfortably?

With a surgical mask, you can fit it to your face to make it more comfortable. Make a knot in each elastic cord on either side of the mask. This will allow your mask to balloon away from your face when you wear it. Be sure to ensure that the mask is organized to be flushed with your cheeks when you put it on.

With this hack, you will avoid friction on your lips when you talk. You will also notice that the mask falls less when you speak.

When should you change your mask?

When your mask becomes damp, wet, or sweaty, please change it. Also, if you remove your mask with dirty hands, replace it with a new one and use clean hands when putting the new mask on.

Bring extra masks with you for each day of your visit, as you never know when you may need to change your face cover. Plan to use five masks per person per day. This amount may sound extreme, but simple things such as your mask falling to the floor while you were having lunch and someone steps on it can happen.

What should you do when you overheat?

If you don't want to stop and grab a meal or a beverage, and don't want to visit a relaxation station, find a place to sit. Then, use a clean hand to gently pull the part of the mask that rests under your chin about an inch away from your face. This action will allow fresh air into your mask. Once you have caught your breath, put your mask back into place. Keep in mind doing this will allow particles in the air into your mask as well. So be sure to distance yourself from others physically.

This method will keep you aligned with Disney's policies while allowing you to catch the much-needed breath of fresh air.

Now that you know how to wear your mask in Florida's extreme summer heat, head on over to Disney World because the park experience right now is remarkable.