New Essentials to Pack in your Disney World Parks Backpack When They Reopen

You are ready for July 11th when Walt Disney World begins its phased reopening. You are excited to enjoy the food, the atmosphere, and the magic once again. But wait! The world is different. Disney is different too. What should you do so that you can enjoy yourself during your next visit to Disney World? Here are five things that you should pack in your Disney backpack for your next visit to Walt Disney World.

1. Hand Sanitizer

Disney kindly has hand sanitizer stations situated throughout the parks. But there is always that moment when you touch something and can't wash your hands or find sanitizer. Think of the germs you may encounter when you least expect it and can't get to a sink right away. To protect yourself, pack a bottle. You can find them easily in the travel-sized section at your favorite drug store or grocery store. I have fallen in love with the hand sanitizer made by the Copper Bottom Craft Distillery in Daytona. Their rum is excellent too, wink wink. It is the only hand sanitizer that leaves your hands softer than they were before you used it.

2. Hand lotion

If you aren't able to secure that sweet, sweet Copper Bottom Distillery hand sanitizer, you'll need a bottle of hand lotion. The combination of increased sanitizer usage and handwashing can lead to dry skin. The best way to avoid the pain of cracked skin on your hands is to lotion your hands after every wash. It is also helpful to apply lotion after using sanitizer as well.

3. Face Masks

Disney World requires guests two years and older to wear appropriate face coverings. With all the food and fun, expect to get the mask that you are wearing when you enter the park to get dirty. Maybe you are enjoying that refreshing Dole Whip, and things get a little messy. Possibly you drop your mask on the ground in your effort to devour your Mickey Premium Bar. Even a hot and humid day can make your mask feel swampy. Pack a couple of extra face coverings so that you can feel so fresh and clean your whole visit.

4. Mini Vaseline

Petroleum jelly will serve many uses for you. Even if you don't wear lip balm, you may have a need now that you will be wearing a mask during your visit. Layering Vaseline on your lips will protect your pucker from any chafing that a well-fitted mask can cause. You can also use it to prevent blisters if you realize that you wore the wrong shoes and now have a concern. Finally, you can use it as a moisturizer if you forget to pack your hand lotion or want to pack it instead of hand lotion.

5. Wet Wipes/ Makeup Wipes

These are wonderful for cleaning up those tiny messes that were unexpected. They are also great to clean your face on a scorching day. Wet wipes and makeup wipes are super easy to find while you are looking for your hand sanitizer. They are available in travel pouches that are easy to pack. If you prefer not to carry wipes, bring along a spray disinfectant instead.

The items listed here are to supplement what you already pack for your Disney days. These items can be tucked away in a cargo pocket or a hip pocket if you prefer not to carry a backpack or tote. You will have to remove them from your pockets when walking through security, however.