The Disney World Park Reservation System - Disney Park Pass System

Disney has finally revealed how their park reservation system will roll out at Walt Disney World. While Disney was closed, many of us speculated on the measures Disney would take to reopen safely. The Disney experience will be a modified one absent of firework displays, parades, and character meet and greets. These delights will be replaced with lighter crowds, faster queues, and the opportunity to enjoy the most popular attractions multiple times.

Your Part in the Magic

Disney has been firm in its stance towards the safety and security of its cast members and guests. They will take every measure possible to ensure that we are well, even if they lose billions of dollars. With that, as a visitor at Walt Disney World Resort, you have a part to play.

Disney requires you to wear an appropriate face covering while on their property. Remember that Disney is on private property and within their right to require visitors to wear masks. If you are too embarrassed to wear a mask, scroll through some old photos of yourself.

Park Reservations for Disney Resort Hotel Guests - Disney Park Pass System

Disney has implemented a solution for park reservations for current Disney Resort Hotel reservation holders. These guests will have the opportunity to book their park entrance reservations for each day of their stay. This resolution is a relief to those concerned about not being able to schedule park visits for the entirety of their visit.

It remains sage to take a day or two away from the theme parks to rest and reset. This pause will allow you to feel relaxed once your vacation has come to an end. On Monday, June 22nd, guests with resort reservations will begin reserving their park visits tomorrow.

Park Reservations for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders - Disney Park Pass System

Disney has prepared Annual Passholder park preview days leading to Disney Worlds reopening. Disney will also open the park reservation system to annual pass holders beginning Friday, June 26th. These guests will be able to reserve up to three visits at one time when they do not have a resort stay.

Park Reservations for Ticket Holders - Disney Park Pass System

All other existing ticket holders will be able to reserve their Disney days starting Sunday, June 28th. This day Disney will also resume selling hotel rooms for arrivals beginning in 2021. Those who have not purchased tickets will have visibility of park reservations availability before buying tickets for a specific day.

Join the Magic!

Typically I make my blog posts available on Sunday mornings at 8 am, however, Disney had me lost in thought with this announcement. I dissected the information they released so that I could ensure that I have a full understanding of what to expect through their reopening. No matter how much I read, I still do not have a full grasp of what to expect when I arrive. I can only imagine how it must feel to live outside of the immediate area.

Due to the way that the parks will be modified, I will be sure to document as much as I can to ensure that you have the most information to make the best decision for your next visit. Please sign up for updates, so you may receive the notification when new posts become available. Feel at ease to message me with anything you would like me to explore. I endeavor to visit Walt Disney World twice weekly once it reopens to provide you the most information possible.