The Essential Guide to Making a Disney Vision Board

The Essential Guide to Making a Vision Board in 30 Minutes

I’m sitting down to prepare my vision board for the remainder of 2020. I thought it would be helpful to share my 5-step process to creating a vision board in only 30 minutes. These are the steps that I take to make an effectual vision board.

Each new year many people resolve to better themselves. They often set expectations that taper off as the year goes along. A vision board is a tool that can help you keep on track by visually reminding you of the goals that you set for yourself. It serves as a representation of your aspirations in life. It motivates you to take action in pursuit of the plan that you have put forth for yourself.

How Do I Set Goals for the rest of 2020?

The pressure to set goals can often lead to paralysis. It doesn’t have to be hard, however. Imagine yourself a kid on Santa’s lap. Ask for anything. Be bold, be timid, be you. Your goals are what you want to achieve. It involves only you, and no one needs to know what they are. Or you can also shout it out to the world. They are your intentions to do with what you want.

When I determine my annual goals, I focus on four areas of my life: home, health, spirit, and mind. My soul calls for daily meditation. After my mastectomy last year, I lost touch with this daily practice. Also, after my mastectomy, my body has sent signals that it needs to be renewed. It asks me for more natural foods and lots of activity so that it can feel healthy again. My mind begs for me to educate myself on new methods to improve my performance at work. Last year I had stellar growth at work; this took much of my free time for learning away. My mind is begging for education, and it shows me this through signs of self-doubt. Finally, I have found my sanctuary. It's a Spanish-style home with a center courtyard.

I have shared my aspirations with you, what do you want to do so that you can feel improvement in your health, spirit, mind, and home? Please take 10 minutes and write them down.

How to Find Pictures to Put on a Vision Board?

Now that you know what you would like to achieve; find some photos that represent the main idea for each objective. It can be as explicit or as abstract as you would like it to be. The only requirement is that it speaks to you. When you look up at your vision board, these photos will hold you accountable to who you are.

Magazines are the real vision board OG. If you have access to magazines, flip through them to find photos that speak to your desires.

Pinterest is another resource. What’s great about Pinterest is that you can create a digital and an analog vision board. I prefer an analog vision board because you don’t have to seek it out. It is always there waiting to hold you accountable. The benefit of a digital vision board is that you can take it with you on your mobile device. You'll have to choose which option best works for you.

Google! Why wouldn’t we use the world's largest search engine to source motivational quotes and photographs? I thought so. Google is my favorite resource. It allows me to print the photos that I find on photo paper. Allowing my vision board to lend to an aesthetic that is pleasing to me.

Since you know what your goals are, you can target your search for images through whichever medium works best for you. Take 10 minutes to find visual representations of your desires.

What Supplies Do You Need to Make a Vision Board?

Now it is time to get our crafting aprons on. Just kidding. Many people choose to get crafty with their vision boards, but my style is minimalist. This year I chose a color palette of black, white and rose gold. Here is a supply checklist for you to prepare your vision board:

Board - Canvas, pinboard, corkboard, poster board, foam board, or M


Pushpins, glue stick, or double-stick tape


Magazines, printer paper, or photo paper

Picture hanging nails or command strips

Any additional supplies to make your vision speak to you, use them. Make your vision board yours. Make is something that you will want to look at and enjoy. Here are 5 minutes to gather supplies.

How Do I Make My Vision Board Aesthetically Pleasing?

Now that you have your supplies, it is time to organize them. Sort your photos and your quotes into themes. You can choose if you will group your pictures by color or one of the four ideas; mind, body, spirit, and home.

Once you have created groupings, place them on the board and arrange the images until they appeal to you. Apply a medium of your choice to attach your pictures to your board.

Now it’s time to add anything that will make your board further appeal to you. This step should take 5 minutes more.

Where Should I Hang My Vision Board?

It would be best if you put your vision board in a conspicuous place. Please place it in a location where you can see it multiple times a day every day. Step back and take five minutes to find the home for your vision board and hang it.

Please share in the comments a photo of your completed vision board. As you can see, I fully intend on visiting Disneyland California, Disneyland Tokyo, and Disneyland Paris. Let my vision begin.