Three Steps to Prepare Your Mobile Phone for Your Next Disney World Visit

With the new health measures that Disney has implemented for Disney Worlds reopening, guests should reimagine how they will use their mobile devices to enhance their visit to the parks.

Phone Battery

If you have visited before, you may already know that much of Disney's experience previously relied on your phone. While Disney has Fuel Rod stations installed in parks, we don't know if the health safety protocols they have put in place will eliminate access to these stations or if they will develop a process around sanitizing each Fuel Rod between them guests.

Even though Disney has eliminated FastPasses, parades, and character meet and greets, activities that would increase phone usage, you will be utilizing your device at a high level once the parks reopen. We will be using our phones for mobile ordering food, reviewing menus for dining, and in queue entertainment. Purchase a backup phone battery that you can charge up before your visit. This way, when your phone runs low, you can charge up wherever you are.

Make Space for More Data

Avoid running out of space for the memories on your phone by eliminating items that you no longer need on your devices, such as photos taken mistakenly or apps that you no longer use. Here are three steps to open memory on your mobile phone.

-Delete photos that you no longer need

-Clear the cache on your phone

-Delete apps that you don't use

Back up your phone to the cloud. When you start taking photos when you arrive at the parks, make sure to have those photos store to your cloud service. Saving on the cloud serves as protection against your phone's memory filling up, and it helps to ensure that if you lose your phone that you do not lose your memories along with it.

Apps to Download

First and foremost, download Disney's My Disney Experience app. While it will not be needed to manage FastPass times, it will be necessary for guidance through the parks. This app will serve as a guide to attraction wait times as FastPass will not be available when the parks reopen. It will also serve as the medium to order meals as much of the ordering of food within the parks will be utilizing the mobile order function within the app.

Next, consider downloading the Play Disney app. This app is a great way to keep entertained while waiting in queues. Disney currently has interactive lines that keep guests entertained, but they will likely modify how guests are trafficked to avoid guests touching the interactive portions of the line. The Play Disney app is a great way to enjoy the efforts of Disney Imagineering while waiting in line. Let's hope that Disney has taken the opportunity to include more games and improve on the available in-app entertainment within the Play Disney app.

These three simple steps should give you a head start for your first (or second-first) visit to Walt Disney World. Disney World visits in 2020 require a bit of imagination. With the parks closed for more than three months, experts are now novices, and we will all learn together the newest tips and ideas that will allow others to soak up as much magic as possible.

I look forward to sharing my upcoming Disney experiences with you so you can make your next visit magical.