What I Wish I Knew Before I Went to Disney World In 2021

I wish I knew before I went to Disney World in 2020 is that the changes that Disney made would take away my expertise on visiting the parks. Visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is unique to what it was before its parks temporarily closed in March. Disney has made changes and accommodations so that it could reopen safely. Here are the things that I knew before I went back the first time.

1. Rope Drop is not needed

2. Which restaurants offer outdoor dining

3. Which masks are comfortable

4. The park reservation system keys you to the crowd levels

5. Which transportation options I am satisfied with

You Don't Have to Be at the Parks for Rope Drop

Before the parks closing, if you wanted to experience all that you want in a Disney World theme park, you would be sure to arrive at rope drop. That does not apply right now. If you come a bit later in the morning or midday, you will likely experience all the attractions you would like to explore. Even though Disney has limited many of the attractions and food offerings, the lack of crowds allows your experience not to feel limited.

Many of the missing attractions are the filler attractions that are generally there to disperse the abundance of people in the park. As the park reservation system controls the crowds, the need for these filler attractions and restaurants is not there.

You can feel at ease to get into the parks and enjoy the available activities. That is unless you HAVE to ride Rise of the Resistance; in that case, I recommend arriving at Disney's Hollywood Studios before park opening so that you can obtain a place in the virtual queue.

Where The Outdoor Dining Is

Before the parks closed, I would NEVER endeavor to dine outside. Florida is just way too hot an humid. Now, I err on the side of avoiding airborne viruses, thus I seek spots for dining al fresco. Being that I never sought this before, I didn't really know which restaurants offered outdoor dining options.

Coming Soon (Disney Restaurants with Outdoor Dining)

Disposable Masks are Super Comfortable

When the parks reopened, I was teeming with fun and beautiful masks. Some of them were way too tight, and others were just too heavy. Since Disney World has reopened, I have learned that disposable masks are the most comfortable to wear all day in the theme parks. When a photo opportunity presents itself, I place my fashion mask over the disposable face cover and snap away.

The park reservation system is your crowd guide

Viewing the hotel guests park reservation calendar will key me into when the parks are most crowded. The key to enjoying Disney World right now is to visit when the parks are less crowded so that you can ride every attraction that you want to and so that you can get the unique photo opportunities inside a nearly empty park.


Meet new people riding the monorail on a busy day

Over the past few months, I have learned to ensure social distancing, not to ride the monorail on a busy day or at a busy hour. If the crowds are heavier, Disney will seat you with a separate party on the same side of the vinyl barrier so that they may disperse crowds faster.

When crowds are heavier, I will utilize the ferry to get back to the ticket and transportation center. I also comfortable utilize Skyliner.

I hope that these help you with your first visit back to Disney World since it's closing in March.