Why You Should Go to Walt Disney World During a Pandemic

Should you go to Disney World in 2020? The question that many families are asking themselves right now. After months of shut down, there is a craving to get out and enjoy yourself. Even those who are self-proclaimed introverts (me!) are itching to get out. Here is the one reason you need to consider visiting Walt Disney World during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many articles say, don't visit Disney World right now, especially if this is your first time. You'll miss so much of the magic if you do. Gone are the fireworks displays, the character meet and greets, and many restaurants and experiences. While this is true, it cannot be denied that the suffocating crowds are gone as well. While many of the experiences that make Disney World magical are not available this year, Disney still has magic in spades.

Apart from the character meet and greets and the fireworks, many of the experiences that are not available at Disney World were not popular and were there to appease the overwhelming crowds. Likely you would not have visited these places, and you won't be missing a thing. A visit during this time when there is limited capacity allows you to enjoy dining experiences that you may not have previously been able to access. It provides the opportunity to try attractions that had ridiculously long queues before the shutdown. Also, you can enjoy the parks unrushed.

Visiting Disney World in 2020 will offer you a unique experience, and experience that is special to right now. Disney has implemented a multitude of health safety measures and continues to improve on this protocol each day. If you have the means and the will to vacation, consider Disney World this year. Now is the only opportunity to experience this unique type of magic.